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I’ve been spoiled…


I got my final secret pal package yesterday!  I was sorta expecting it, but unlike normal, I forced myself to NOT stalk the mailman this time.  What was in it:

  • Some size 1 sock needles (which is good because I have like 5 sets of US 2… and only one of US 1)
  • The book Home Knits by Suss Cousins – which is so full of cool stuff I want to knit for my new apartment – and for my mom 🙂   It was a perfect spoil because it’s not something I’d have bought for myself… but I totally love it!  I’m sure you’ll hear more about this book from me in the future!
  • Some  yummy trail mix that had some chocolate in it…
  • A sock pattern
  • A cool magazine
  • a gift certificate to the Loopy Ewe – where I bought me some sock blockers!!!  Something I’ve been wanting for a while!

Thank you Miss Secret pal!  (She lives here if you want to visit).


Know one thing: Packages are the best thing in life for college students.

I got this on Tuesday from my Secret Pal, but I haven’t had time to blog it yet…. so viola!

First stuff from my secret pal!

There’s some Fortissima Sock yarn in a really fun green/blue color – with a metallic thread running through it so it looks like it’s been sparkled with glitter. As soon as I saw it, I knew the perfect pattern that would do just the simplest amount of work and show off the glitteriness best… Uptown Boot Socks from the Favorite Socks book. Check it out:
Most of a sock

I got this package on Tuesday (it’s finals/moveout time, I hadn’t had time to blog it yet, I know I’m bad!) and started these socks on Wednesday – and look how far I am! It’s an awesome pattern – and I forced myself to learn how to cable without a cable needle – and now that I know how to do that, they’re flying! I’m having a lot of fun knitting these!

Next up in the package was a cotton washcloth.
A face cloth from my Secret Pal!

It’s really soft and it’s so nice because I hadn’t spent the time to knit myself one lately. So this was wrapped around a box that had some oh so yummy stuff inside:
This is hand-made all natural soap from the Gudonya etsy shop (which I’ve marked as a favorite- and bought a few more things from…) which I just absolutelyLOVE!

Thank you secret pal! You did a great job!!


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