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Introducing: BASKE


Hello Friends!

I wanted to introduce to you my latest design. I call it Baske. I was inspired by a gorgeous gold and white coverlet that I saw in a catalog. I kept staring at the pattern, knowing that there was a great knitting garment in it… when finally it came to me! A fleur de lis pattern!

And so… I present Baske… an awesome new mitten pattern that I hope you love as much as I do. Here’s a photo of the back and the tab thumb:


Elizabeth Zimmerman says that May is the perfect month for knitting winter mittens. When you finish them this time of year, they’re all set for you once the weather turns! Clearly she’s a genius because lately, I am all about the mittens!


The details:

Needles: US 3
Pattern: BASKE (By me!)
Yarn: Cascade 220 or similar weight yarn (I hand-dyed my gold)
Sizes: Available in Small, Medium and Large (7.75, 8.75, 10 inches)
Cost: $6.00
Available via:

Ravelry: or without: buy now

Anyway… Thank you all for being patient with the teasing posts. I hope it was worth it! I’ve worked really hard on this pattern and I’m really, really thrilled with the results. Each size has it’s own chart (you do not change size via gauge) and each size has been test knit.



This is definitely the MOST bad-ass thing I’ve ever knit. Check it out:

Brea Angle

This was the first pattern in… the history of me knitting that was worth lining. If I was going to do this, I was going to do this right. And oh, how right it turned out! The knitting itself was pretty fun… the pattern grows in a real cool progression, so it’s a really fun knit. I had to re-knit the gusset (after going 1/2 way and realizing that the stitch count was supposed to increase a bit – oops!) and while it’s shorter than the pattern calls for, it’s perfectly functional. And check out the inside…

Brea Peak-A-Blue

I love it, love it, love it. I’m going out to dinner tonight and I cannot wait to bring this and get tons of compliments! You’ll notice that this bag has a nice inside… and a zipper…

Yea, I bought a sewing machine. I know, I know, kind of an expensive impulse buy – but I had some extra christmas money and its one of those things that a crafter should have… and it’s the reason why I haven’t done the steeking thing (which is the one remaining knitting technique I haven’t done – that I can think of anyway).

Brea Bag

I had some trouble with getting the sewing machine going. I kept getting the bobbin thread stuck. Luckily one of the RAs I work with has LOTS of experience with a sewing machine and since she owed me, she helped me out. I even sewed the zipper to the knit piece! I’m like a sewing fool now 🙂

I know you probably want some more details, but I wanted to give you another photo to drool at.

Brea Button

Pattern: Brea Bag a free pattern from Berroco
Designer: Norah Gaughan
Yarn: 2 hand dyed skeins of Lion Brand Lion Wool
Needles: US 7
Lining: An old skirt that I had from a few years ago
Strap: Thiefed from old Target handbag
Button: From the stash! yay for buttons!
Pattern Mods: The gusset was worked 1 stitch narrower and shorter than the pattern called for
Time: Cast-on Wednesday, Bind off and other finishing done by 4 am last night (yea, I know that was pretty late… I’ll pay for that later, I’m sure).

Want one more photo? OK!


Re-inventing the Stash

Ugly yarn from a swap (Before)

So I swapped some heavy cotton for this (and some other) sock yarn…. This stuff is Lorna’s Laces (not something I usually afford) -but the color… oh, the color. Soooo not my cup of tea!

So I decided to overdye it!

A good 2 glugs of vinegar, some hot water, a good bit of “Fire Red” Jaquard Acid dye and a few hours later, I have some much, much more attractive yarn (see below). I’m thinking of using it for this pattern. Because we all know how much I love Evelyn A Clark patterns!
dishcloths and new dye job 035

Handknit wool socks are like warm clouds…


It’s spring break and I finished a pair of socks (ok, well one was done a long time ago). I did this sock instead of…

  • working on my 25 page senior thesis that’s due the 29th (of this month)
  • getting ahead in my other classes (which have 12 and 10 page papers due the same time) so that I can neglect them when I’m working on my thesis
  • doing one of 5 loads of laundry that I brought home
  • organizing my school stuff that I brought home
  • evaluating which grad school I’m going to go to (status: I’ve been accepted to Loyola and IU [higher ed and student affairs programs] and I have an assistantship for IU. I haven’t accepted it yet because I’m waiting to hear if I get an assistantship offer at Loyola)

But these socks felt so good to knit. Yes, its’ true, I was really, really tired of the pattern by the time I finished it. But each fiber passing though my fingers just felt so wonderful. And of course, an FO is equally satisfying.

So, the specifics you want?  OK.

Pattern:  River Rapids from Sockbug
Yarn:  Knitpicks Bare 100% Merino Sock Yarn.  I hand dyed this stuff using Jaquard Acid Dyes.  My second favorite/most proud of dye job ever (it pooled -but was pretty).
Needles:  US 2 dpn (Clover bamboo, as usual)
Time to  knit:  To long.  I knit the heel through the toe of the second sock in two days.  But I started the pair in back in September of 2006.
Mods:  When I moved from the ribbing to the chart, I moved the first stitch of the chart (a purl) to the end so that the purls would stay in nice and neat rows all the way down. I also did my normal toe and heel – I don’t remember if that different than the pattern or not.  Either way, it’s a pretty good pattern.
Notes:  The length of the ankle/leg of the sock is PERFECT – I’d say the most perfect to date.  I did 5.5 inches before I started the heel.

Holy Socks Batman!

Adjust your monitor! Make everything dark!

Put on your sunglasses!

Quick, make one of those eclipse viewing boxes!

Save your eyes! Squint if you must!

Do not look directly at the socks!

I warned you!!!!

Ok. Enough joking. But seriously. These socks are about as obnoxious as my sister is (just kidding Jennifer! I love you!). Which made them an appropriate gift, I think.

Pattern: I made it up. It’s a 72 stitch sock with 15 rows of ribbing before everything else.
Yarn: Knitpicks Bare in a colorway I dyed up a few months ago. (75% Superwash wool, 25% nylon) – used way less than one skein
Needles: US 1 (clover bamboo)
Size: She says they are a little big for her size 9 feet.  We’re going to pop them in the dryer for a bit and see what happens.
Time: I think I started the first one back in October. I finished the second sock in 2 days.
Notes: I hated this yarn. It didn’t feel right on the needles (It JUST occured to me that I should probably have tried other needles. Duh, Nicole!) and the color is SOOOO obnoxious.


If I’d wanted pooling, I’d have gone to school in Florida!


Oh, pooling, how I loathe thee.
Sometimes my loathe is my own doing-
Thus, a part of me will always love the subtle socketh of spirals.

Sometimes, pooling, oh ye cunning fool thee be.
Thy pool in subtlety – in thus such an accpetable manner that thine doesth thou continue in thine ugliness with high hope that thy situation will rectify. Alas, it does not.

But, oh, pooling, how I loathe thee.
when thy pooling is stiped of brights and dark….
Oh, mine eyes! Oh, why dosth thy continue?

Why must I continue knitting, watching thy situation worsen
for it worsens so with each round and round I go…

I long to frog thee, oh pooling sock of bright greens and blues.
I long to see thee as an impressionist work of art as this blue piece demonstrates so well,
Bits of color sprinkled here and there, all over thine footeth.

But alas, thy crazy flashing and pooling continues
Despite shaping of calf and a change of stitch count.
Thy ugliness mocketh me. Thy pooling only grows thin.
Thy do not stopeth.

Another Single…

Welcome folks to Nicole’s Sexy Single bar. A new sock just walked in the door – lets inteview her, shall we?

N: Hello there, how are you?

Sarah: Great! Cruising the path of life ya know? I just got back from whitewater rafting in Colorado and I’m still on an adrenaline kick.

N: Wow, what an amazing attitude you have! What brings you into the bar?

S: Hoping for some fun. I’m not really wanting anything to serious – just someone to go on adventures with me. The ideal person would have a great dye job (like myself) and be just as speedy and high energy as I am.

N: What kind of advantages do you think you have to these other folks here in the bar, still waiting for a partner to be finished for them? You are the rookie after all.

S: Look at my curves. Who can resist that? I have such an interesting texture and pattern without being too dificult. It’s the perfect mix!

And my coloring – would you look at that. Perfect for fall hikes to look at the leaves changing. I’ve got everything – plus, I’m not clingy, needy or demanding – I just want something casual – like myself.

N: You do indeed have incredible coloring. There’s some pooling on the foot and ankle, but the way the colors distributed on your heel is simply incredible. That’s the way hand-dyes should always look, in my humble opinion.

S: I agree – I’m always sticking my heel out to show it off – I just know that’ll pay off. I expect some hot action soon.

N: It’s true, I don’t know how anyone would resist. Hands down, you are definetly the hottest sock in this bar. I can’t wait to see how things go for you. Be sure to let me know the details. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten any “finished pairs” action (the Embossed Leaves socks where a bit prudish and didn’t share the lurid details).

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How a college student dyes yarn.

I’m sorry. I moved blogs. You can find the post you’re looking for here.

I love jaquard dyes.

Knitpicks now carries Jaquard dyes. I bought some. This is what I did. I love it. Probably my best dye job yet. I feel the strong urge to dye LOTS of yarn. But then I’d have to sell it in order to keep my stash even a smidge manageable.

Time is Knitting. A poem.

This is my first Poetry Thursday post (on Wednesday, what can you do?). I hope you like it!


Time passes. It’s ever constant.
Birthdays pass, couples wed, buildings fall and careers end.
“My life is slipping through my fingers,” they say.

My wool passes through my fingers.
I knit for birthdays, housewarmings and those who are ill.
My fingers remind me of the value of my time as I spend it knitting for others and knitting for myself.

The most constant reminder of time is when it’s stolen.
When someone dies.
In the case of my grandmother’s recent death, knitting has been my solace.
I knit to remember.
I knit to mourn.
I knit to commemorate.
I knit in a connection to time.

To it’s presence on me.
To reclaim the ownership of “me” time.
To pass it.
To relish in it.
To know it.

Time is knitting for me. Both slip through my fingers. And both are the fabric of my life.

Note: My grandmother died on Mother’s Day of 2006. I knit these socks (yarn dyed by me) to commemorate her and the hours I spent at her cottage during the summers of my youth running, swimming, boating and being loved. What a great woman she was.


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