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More mitering…

First of all, you should know that watching streaming TV shows online can be really addicting: Case in point – Jericho (you can stream it online for free at cbs)… I’ve watched about 18 episodes in the past 7 days or so – and I love this show! It’s awesome. You should go watch it too – especially if you’re feeling bored and you don’t have a TV (like me this summer!).

Another addicting thing:
stack o miters

Miters. They are sooo pretty and so addicting. And great for when you’re watching a TV show about the world coming to an end (or does it???)… And they look so nice stacked up:
nother stack o miters

The only thing is: I’ve knit about 14 of these – and I still don’t have the pattern memorized! I feel like a bad knitter because of this – it’s hard because the numbers of when you start the decreases don’t go in the most memorable number… so as I’m knitting these, I have to refer to the pattern a lot – which is very weird for me – usually once I’m a few repeats in, I got it. Not so with these.

The details:

It’s the mason dixon miter’ed blanket pattern (I’m even using the Cotton Classic that the pattern recommends).  I’m not doing the seamless version (do a search on their blog and you’ll find it) because, honestly, I kind of like seaming.  Granted, I say this now.  We’ll see when I have 36 miters to seam into a blanket.

Again, I’m keeping things mostly 2 tone with 2 neutrals thrown in there.  The baby’s due in September.  I have more than 1/3 the blanket done already.  I’m not scared of this deadline.

I know I promised some exciting news… I’m going to wait until Thursday night to spill the beans on this one – After then I’ll have some more details than what I have now.

Oh no. Someone stop me now.

Miter 2
I was only trying to do something nice. You know the story. Someone you (a knitter), knows is pregnant, expecting, has a bun in the oven. This can mean one of two things. Baby sweaters or baby blankets. This particular story involves a baby blanket.

It began many weeks ago, when stressed from finals, moving and a break up I succumbed to some yarn-type retail therapy. I bought 6 skeins of green Cotton Classic for a summery top I was going to design.

Days later, I knew it was a poor, impulse buy. I didn’t want to take it back (because, lets be honest, that would have been the smart thing to do and knitters are not smart about their stash), and by guilt alone, I decided to pack it for my summer in New York. This was the only yarn that I broke my strict sock-yarn-only rule for. Again, it was the guilt.

Knowing that I would be bringing it with me, the idea occurred to me that I ought to use it to knit a baby blanket for a woman I’ll be working with in August (well, her baby anyway). I thought about doing another pinwheel blanket, but dismissed it. Too boring. Plus, the next one I was going to knit would have ruffles and be for a girl. We are talking about a little baby boy here.

The next idea I had was to knit the blanket as a standard rectangle (I brought a US 6 circular needle) with stripes of linen stitch. A good idea. Something I may do in the future, but not now.
Miter 6
Now, it’s miters.

Heavenly, addicting, satisfying, teasing, pleasing, miters.

I can’t stop.

Of course, I couldn’t do miters in just one color. So I popped into a yarn store and bought 2 more colors.
miter 7
After I knit one miter, I realized that the yarn I had would not suffice. It was evident that I needed more yarn and, likely more colors.

I’ve since bought more yarn and knit more miters. My rules are thus: Only 2 tone miters. Only greens or neutrals (but mostly greens). The final color count cannot be an even number. Final blanket size – 6 blocks (24 miters) or 9 blocks (36 miters).
Miter 3

This is not good. I totally understand the addiction now. Now, to cast on for my next miter…

Pomp and Circumstance

I’m graduating from Indiana University today (Bachelors in Journalism and Human Sexuality)!

Dishcloth Gifts. A Photo Essay.

Dishcloth Mosaic
A Dishcloth Rainbow
Dishcloth Rainbow, up close and personal

Click the photos for details.

Wool stockings in April

And, according to the weather forecast, it’s not to late!

So… remember those gorgeous stockings I started a few months ago?

I finally finished them! Check them out!
Norwegian Stockings!

I lurve them so much. They are wicked warm, but that’s a good thing. Now, I just need to find the perfect shoes and the perfect skirt to show them off…

Some details:

Pattern: Norwegian Stockings from Folk Socks
Designer: Nancy Bush
Yarn: Knitpicks Telemark 100% Peruvian Wool.
Needles: US 3 dpn (Brittany Birch)
Time to knit: Only 2 months. A long time, but not compared to how long my socks usually take.
Mods: I guess I’m pretty short. I had to cut some of the repeats out of the pattern.
Notes: At first, I did the heel turn with the yarn held doubled – that was NOT a good idea. After I finished the pair, I cut the heel turn, unraveled it and re-knit it with only one strand.

Also, if I were to knit this again (a possibility, it’s definitely a good pattern), I would NOT slip the edge stitches. The pulled pretty badly and there are holes along the flap. I may duplicate stitch them to close it, but I’m not sure yet.

Note to self: My mom likes these socks and this (or a version of these) may be a good gift for her someday…

Extras: I feel pretty dang confident in my fair isle skills now. Another photo, just for fun…
Norwegian Stockings 2

What I’ve Been Up To

Well first off, I did this awesome button swap

I’ve also got 2 swaps pending on the knitty swap board – it’s nice because I’m exchanging some yarn which I shouldn’t have bought with quite a bit of sock yarn (some quite good) to bring with me to NYC (I have an “I’m only packing sock yarn” rule!).

Next, I got a little something for myself for graduation. It was definitely a splurge, but it’s been awhile since I’ve done that… here’s a photo….

I love it! First, it’s very much in my “style” (If I have one – that’s debatable) and, it’s not something that I’ve ever seen (or seen anything like) here in Bloomington – as a diehard Target girl, I don’t get to say that very often. If you’re interested, her website is here and her etsy shop is here. And her customer service is excellent. This necklace came wrapped in a nice box with a bow. It made me feel special!

Next up. Things are a little boring on the knitting front.
Green and White Dishcloth

I’m trying to knit as many of these as I can in the next 22 days to give to some of my friends/coworkers.  We’ll be in apartments (after spending 2 years in the dorms!) and I thought this would be a cute idea.  Basically, I’m going to make a bunch and let them pick a few that “speak to them.”  I bought a cone of the white and I’m keeping it any solid color (no ombres) and the white as the background.  I’ll post some more photos in the later days…

Also, I joined a new knitting/designing groupblog/community.  It’s been pretty great because I can get feedback about my designs-in-the-works from actual knitters.  Also, we’ve been challenging each other (in a good way) and that’s been pretty neat.  It’s a secret blog though, so you can’t see (na, na, na, na, na).

Non-knitting related content:

There’s been a ton of talk in the blogosphere about blogs and the purpose of them and whatnot.  Things like “why blog if no one comments” and things like “lets all just get along.”  And in the meantime, I’m starting to feel more and more a part of the blogging community.  I get angry when my journalism professors dismiss blogs (granted, they’re talking about political blogs which may indeed be the downfall of objective newspaper reporting as we know it, but that’s another soapbox) – how dare they insult my community – they know nothing about the power of good that can be spread by the blogs – check out the Harlot‘s collection for Doctor’s Without Border’s if you don’t believe me!

Anyway, I’ve always refrained from non-knitting related content as much as possible.  But as I’ve grown into this community, I feel like sharing more and more of it.  So here’s some updates, if you’re interested…

  1. I finished a 25 page senior thesis (71 pages with appendices) and next Friday is my senior review.  I’m not real worried about it, I think I should be alright.  Basically, I’ll get some sort of a final stamp of approval to my major (which I created) and then I’ll be good to go in early May.
  2. I’ll be attending IU again next year, in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Master’s program.  Oh, and I’ve gotten an assistantship that will be essentially paying me to go to school.  But that means that I may be up at 3 in the morning with drunk and belligerent college freshmen more often than I want to admit right now.  I think it’ll be fun.  Yea, stay positive right? (Actually, I am really excited about my assistantship.)
  3.  Generally, life is good.  Knit.  Study.  Laugh.  Reminisce.

I’m going to walk for Pat and Jack

Two April’s ago, my grandfather died from a tumor attached to his tailbone. He and I had traveled around Ireland together in 2003 and I miss him.

A number of years ago, my grandmother fought intestinal cancer. She won, but the disease left her frame thin, weak and unprepared for the nutritional issues she faced until she died, this past summer, very suddenly.

This year, I’m joining the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.

I’d love your support. Even a dollar would be appreciated. My personal fund raising website is below.


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