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9 to 5 socks, Pattern Support

Nine to Five sock in Perspective

Heya! I can’t believe how many of you have downloaded the Nine to Five socks! The number astounds me and goes way higher than I could have predicted!

A few of you are having trouble with the download. If you’re having trouble, my advice is basically to click the link (in the post below) and accept the copyright information and walk away from your computer for a few minutes (more if your computer or connection is slow). The document is 3 pages, so it could take short bit to download.

Also, a few people have asked about the twist stitch described in the pattern. It’s kind of a hard thing to describe with words… so I present to you the following video!! Let me know if you like this and think that this kind of thing would be helpful in the future!


workin’ “9 to 5…” (A Free Pattern)


I’m sorry. I’ve moved blogs. You can find the post you’re looking for right here.


I left my awesome apartment yesterday… and for the purposes of this post, I came home with two things: The first of which is this fabulous purse (they’re just called “bags” here)-

I paid 5 dollars for it. It’s awesome. It even has a separator in the middle – so I can keep my sock in progress (pattern coming this weekend!!) separate from my junk-du-jour! Love this bag. Plus, it’s my favorite color!

I also came home with something else… something much different from my 5 dollar bargain…

Yea… that scarf… that dress… I picked those out from the studio of Twinkle. You know Twinkle right?  Twinkle of big city knits? Um ya… proof I was there, in case you don’t believe me.  And proof it really is from her collection, again, incase you don’t believe me.

So why do I have this?  Basically, Twinkle is doing this press thing at Anthropologie where she’s going to be teaching all sorts of magazine editors to knit scarves and throws.  I’m going to be there, in this dress (I have to give it back), walking around the room helping give people one on one help.  So I guess this means that I’ve now had some sort of “fashion” experience in NY.  How cool is this?  (At least as cool as being the second row to see Fantasia sing in The Color Purple on Broadway!)

I must stop myself…

Sea Silk
Isn’t this skein of yarn so luvrly? I’ve been working on turning it into one of my quick-and-dirty free patterns, something I’m calling the strangling vine scarf. It’s so lovely to knit and the yarn, the yarn feels so incredible through my fingers. It’s some of the softest stuff I’ve ever knit (really, the highest percentage of silk I’ve ever knit).

I bought this yarn at KnittyCity (probably my favorite shop in the city -so far).  It was my summer splurge.  It’s the seasilk that everyone has been talking about.  I let myself buy it with the stipulation that I’d finish whatever I’d make out of it soon (so that it doesn’t ferment in my stash forever).


I’m not making anything too special, just a simple airy summer scarf.  I’m calling it my Strangling Vine Scarf.  I’ll post a quick-and-dirty free pattern write up when I’m finished with it.  For now, it’s been put on the back burner (I’ll finish it for sure, I promised myself) while I finish knitting this pair of socks that I’m designing!

More mitering…

First of all, you should know that watching streaming TV shows online can be really addicting: Case in point – Jericho (you can stream it online for free at cbs)… I’ve watched about 18 episodes in the past 7 days or so – and I love this show! It’s awesome. You should go watch it too – especially if you’re feeling bored and you don’t have a TV (like me this summer!).

Another addicting thing:
stack o miters

Miters. They are sooo pretty and so addicting. And great for when you’re watching a TV show about the world coming to an end (or does it???)… And they look so nice stacked up:
nother stack o miters

The only thing is: I’ve knit about 14 of these – and I still don’t have the pattern memorized! I feel like a bad knitter because of this – it’s hard because the numbers of when you start the decreases don’t go in the most memorable number… so as I’m knitting these, I have to refer to the pattern a lot – which is very weird for me – usually once I’m a few repeats in, I got it. Not so with these.

The details:

It’s the mason dixon miter’ed blanket pattern (I’m even using the Cotton Classic that the pattern recommends).  I’m not doing the seamless version (do a search on their blog and you’ll find it) because, honestly, I kind of like seaming.  Granted, I say this now.  We’ll see when I have 36 miters to seam into a blanket.

Again, I’m keeping things mostly 2 tone with 2 neutrals thrown in there.  The baby’s due in September.  I have more than 1/3 the blanket done already.  I’m not scared of this deadline.

I know I promised some exciting news… I’m going to wait until Thursday night to spill the beans on this one – After then I’ll have some more details than what I have now.


Sometimes things are just a long time a comin’…

Like when the humidity has been near 100% all day – and finally that summer rainstorm comes and breaks the heat… suddenly, you can breath again. Your clothing stops sticking to you and actually moves and drapes.

Like when you’ve spent all day cooking this incredible feast… and the table is set, the desert is ready in the fridge… and finally, it’s time to eat.

For me, this post is a long time coming.  I’ve just kinda had a lot going on lately.  I’m all moved into my apartment for one.  My real apartment anyway.  The one I’ll be in for the rest of the summer (really, for the rest of spring and only one month of summer, but who’s being picky?) anyway.

I’m all settled into the internship.  I’m learning a lot and it definitely has it’s ups and downs.  Working 9-5, and sometimes more than that was a little hard to adjust to, but I think I’ve found my way into the daily grind.  I’m still really, really looking forward to getting back to IU and the residence halls.  I miss IU.

I am enjoying the city, though.  I’ve sent hours at central park and the Met and on the subway, and the other day, we went and saw Spring Awakening on Broadway.  It was amazing (but totally NOT parent appropriate, in case anyone was wondering) – the music just blew my mind!  Loved it, loved it, loved it!

I am about 90% done designing a pair of socks.  It’s going to be a free pattern – because after I had the first one all knit, I found out that a pattern already exists for the same stitch pattern.  Which sucks, but… I’m sure you’ll still like the pattern!

Soon, I’ll tell you some super exciting news… about something uber cool I’ll be “assisting” with.


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