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Spring Break Knitting, I guess.

So, I sat down today and started working on the mate for my boring, trekking stockinette sock. You remember? I knit it back in January? When I added three more singles to my collection of mate-less socks?

Well, looky, looky!

Ok – let me start by saying that when I started, I only had the cuff and maybe an inch. I knit the whole rest of this sock. In one sitting (ok, it was “The Office,” and then “Grey’s Anatomy” and then I gave “October Road” a try [eh, ok] and then “Sex and the City” and then, I was so close that I just knit right on through a rerun of “CSI Miami” and a bit of “Psych.”). I felt like Forest Gump. I started knitting and I just didn’t feel like stopping.

My mom joked that I was going to finish them tonight and I told her on three occasions that I wasn’t going to finish tonight. I thought I’d only get a few inches done (these socks have 9 inch ankle/legs) and then it would be bedtime. Then, I thought I’d get caught up at the heel. Then I figured once the gusset was done, I’d throw in the towel. And then I was so close – and I love me some finished socks.

Here’s another photo – from a remarkably different angle than you usually see (via the timer mechanism)…

Yea, it’ s fuzzy. It was my mom’s camera. Plus I’m finally starting to get tired.

Quick, let me post the details before I zonk out…

Pattern: Originally, this was going to be the Simple Trekking sock pattern from Miriam, but I got bored with the ribbing and switched it up a bit. It’s a 68 stitch sock with 15 rows of K2 P2 ribbing, one row of knitting, 10 rows of p2k2 ribbing and then tons of stockinette. Also, this eventually turned into a 64 stitch sock before the heel so that I could stick with my normal sock formula.
Yarn: Trekking XXL in color 132.  It’s superwash and so it was sorta splitty at times. I prefer the good stuff (handwash only merino).
Needles: US 2 dpn (Knitpicks dpns – much better with the sticky superwash than the bamboo I used to knit my sister’s superwash socks)
Time to knit: A couple months. The second sock was obviously pretty quick to knit.
Notes: A quick knit. I’ll use trekking again, but it’s not my favorite.

Also, as I was knitting, I looked down at my finger and noticed something peculiar.
finger mark

You see that mark there on my index finger, right where my top knuckle would be?
how I hold my yarn
That’s where I strand my yarn. Dude, I’m like a hard core knitter.

Ok. Seriously. Bedtime now.



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