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More spoils….

First, thanks to everyone who commented on my GRE scores.  That’s definetly the first “stressor” down.  Next up, applications.

Anyway, I got a package from my secret pal (a few days ago actually, I’m a bad receiver) and so I must of course brag about the InCrEdIbLe pal that I have! Since the digi is acting up, I don’t have any good photos of what I got, so you’ll have to make do with stolen photos and links.

My favorite was the Chick Chocolates! Have you ever tried this stuff? It’s to die for. Simply to die for!  She sent me the “Survivor” flavor – it’s rasberry flavored white chocolate dipped in dark chocolate.  I think I cried a little when I ate the last piece.  I cried a lot when I went to thier website and read that there wasn’t a place where I could get them in close distance to me.  I love this chocolate.  LOVE it!  Seriously.

My pal also figured that a girl who knits and likes tea so much must be in need of a mug about knitting.  And she was right!  She got the the “I’d rather be knitting mug” from Knitty!  I love it!  I told my boyfriend about it and he said “wow.  now you have that quintessential hobbby mug!”  and I told him that it was about time I did!  My pal also included this AmAzInG tea – it’s Pyramid Tea and it was so neat and scrumptius- I loved it!  Absoulted loved it!
Also, my pal sent me quite a few Take 5 candy bars – currently in my fridge – they’re so good when you eat them cold!!!

I love my pal!  she’s doing such a good job of spoiling me that I don’t know what to do with myself.  Her notes and packages have definetly been brightening up this college girl’s days.  Nothing is as much fun as getting a package the break up the boredom/stress/cold of college.  I’ll definetly be doing secret pal again in the future.

Thank you secret pal!!!



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