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I want a blankie….

I’m so jealous. I keep seeing all these gorgeous knitted blankets – and I want to be done with mine! I want mine to look like all of these blankets at the same time. Really, I just want someone to give me these blankets.

When I started (back in early June), it didn’t take long before I had these a few rounds. This photo, right is the progress as of June 11.

Then I started getting distracted by socks and scarves and underwear.

Then, I started to get really jealous as everyone ELSE was finishing theirs!

Tara showed off hers at the Mason Dixon Knit-a-Long. I gasped when I saw hers. It’s just so beautiful. The colors. The pattern. Oh, I can’t take it! I love the way the apple green plays with the white, the black and the gray. Genious color choices. And she knit it out of acrylic – it’s enough to make me think of knitting one myself in the same yarn!

And Sharon‘s colorful blanket is also great. Her four year old daughter is spoiled. My mom never made me anything that nice (well, ok, there was a flannel quilt…).
Monika’s Curve of Pursuit blanket (7.13) is stunning. I’m amazed. It makes me want to go in pursuit of that pattern. (Also, superkudos to her for being the first to knit the not-quite-straight-scarf and send me a photo – see her blog entry about it here.)

And the first I’ve seen in pastel’s (truly a baby blanket) was over at Crankyisgood – it’s a baby moderne and I love it!

Then, I was perusing some blogs and look at this one over at Athena Dreams. Wowza! I love the purple with the greeny brown.

Jessica recently posted hers on the MDK KAL – It’s a ton of mitered squares. And it’s absolutely incredible. I love the colors she chose. There’s so many of them – but they all look so good together!

During all this drooling, I made little progress on my blanket. It’s roughly 26″ by 26″ in the above photo.  My goal is to have 12 rounds and then a border – which is obviously very far from where I am in this picture.

Anyway, I was so inspired by all the finished blankets that I was seeing that I decided that I would knit 4 full rounds from where I am in this photo – so I’d be inspired to make progress and then be inspired by that progress to finish. Alas – I am not where I wanted to be. I just want to be done! I want to be able to curl up with this thing with no cold air leaking because it’s too small!

My Misty Garden Scarf is coming along splendidly on the other hand. It’s my non-boring knitting. It’s about 3 feet long now. It’s just a really fun knit. It’s only 4 rows to the repeat – so as soon as it starts to get boring – there’s an exciting row ahead of you. I want to finish this scarf so that I can finally start backyard leaves. I got the yarn in the mail on Friday and it’s calling out to me. “Nicole – I’m merino – come knit me. I’ll be really soft. I’m your favorite color. You know you want to.” I resist but wonder if the resistance is futuile.

I was also distracted one night by my spindle that I couldn’t do anything until I spun me some yarn. It was tricky, but I finally did it. LOOK!

Oh – don’t forget to enter the contest described in the entry below – I’ll be drawing a winner on Friday!



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